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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Drosselmeyer wins the Belmont and B.C Classic! Giving B. Mott the Classic Double.

Animal Kingdom wins the 2011 Kentucky Derby

The Shack Daddy holds off Animal Kingdom in the Preakness

Blind Luck gives one final grut to pass Harve De Grace in the final strides of the Delaware Handicap

Frankel named in honor of the late Bobby Frankel captures my performance of the year and my Horse of the Year!

Aiden and Son win the Turf Classic

Royal Delta wins Ladies Classic and then is sold for 8.5 Million a week later.

Jerry is inducted to Hall of Fame and gets win # 6,000

Steve Amussen also wins win # 6,000 to become only the fifth trainer to ever reach this milestone

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rapid Redux

Who are youuuuuuu?

Today (12-13-2011) Rapid Redux tied Citation's record for wins in a single year at 19. He also padded his total all time straight win streak to 21! There's been a lot of debate about the new record holder because he was been beating low level claimers, not really the definition of a champion.

An opinion is a belief, impression, judgment or prevailing view held by a person. - Dictionary 

Opinion's are like an a** everyone's got one.  

Just because you feel one way doesn't mean others will, in order to keep an open mind always try put yourself in the other person's shoes and never listen to others opinion or  reviews. I read a review last week with a friend  for a Mexican restaurant. One person 5 stars best ever, next guy, 1 star, terrible. For example, how many movies do you like that others hate? Think about that before you criticize, condemn or complain next time.

PRO Rapid Redux  

21 straight wins and 19 in a row!

 We are all in this industry in some capacity or another, so you know how many norms the  "Racetrackers" have, and one of them is that we love the hype. When we get positive news in racing we get super excited! This game is about the stories and characters, so why are people upset when we have a new North American Record holder? 

Some gals on the internet even mentioned Horse of the Year because they were so caught up in the moment. There happiness was shattered in minutes, when comments about the competition killed their moment. 

21 wins in a row is really hard to do in horse racing, let alone any sport. If you owned Rapid Redux or a horse similar, how would you feel? I know you would make him or her your pride and joy, once in lifetime horse. But would you want everyone else in industry to make him a legend ? No, you would just want some darn respect for achieving something that means the world to you, plus not letting the million ways to lose race get you 21 different times. 

Things as small as a tongue tie can cost a horse a win. So if you don't respect 21 wins in this game, you probably should do a little more thinking. I didn't want him to pass horse's like Citation or Zenyatta, but i will never disrespect the heart of a winner!

CON Rapid Redux

Why are people so upset?

21 wins, i can beat my Gran-dad in a race 21 straight too. I know it wasn't that extreme but the fields were terrible; horse's running for $5,000 in the race. Then to make things worse, two horse's connected to the trainer scratch out of race? They were never going to run, they helped write the race.

 Then he goes from track to track winning these starter allowance type races with conditions that say eligible if the horse started for a claimer in 2010 of June. I would like to have seen him do it at a home track or state. 

 Zenyatta, Cittation and now Rapid Redux; its apples and oranges as Mike Chamberlain (Turf Paradise announcer) said in his blog
"Why have some fans felt the need to try and denigrate what Rapid Redux has done? Is it still some kind of Zenyatta backlash from her many fans? This could certainly be the case, but anyone that thinks that what Rapid Redux has done has any impact on Zenyatta or Cigar or Citation or any other all-time Thoroughbred accomplishment is mistaken. We are mixing apples and oranges here to the extreme degree. Many of those names of the list of Thoroughbred winning streaks are in the Hall Of Fame and deservedly so. Rapid Redux is nothing more than a wonderful footnote here, to be honest. Yes, he won 20 in a row, and it is marvelous. No other horse in the history of the sport has managed to do this. However, he hasn't done it against the cream of the crop, he is winning against Starter Allowance company. Even in the record-setting race, half of the field scratched and he faced only three foes. -MC"

The race in October that put Rapid Redux in the history books!

In conclusion, i would like to say there is no winner in a debate, some people think they can win one, but it's impossible when its an opinion.  

Win # 19 in 2011

Rapid Redux